Board President
Cindy Wilcox
Director, Leadership Development & Consulting Services
Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County

Joined the board: 2009

“I am honored to have the opportunity to serve on the Unity House board. Being part of an organization so committed to empowering people with disabilities and mental illnesses is exceptionally gratifying. I am proud to be a member of the board.”

Board Vice President
Andrew K. Cuddy
Law Office of Andrew K. Cuddy

Joined the board: 2010

“It is a great pleasure working alongside the professionals at Unity House, who demonstrate a true commitment to the local communities the organization serves.”

Board Secretary
Kenneth G. Knight
Retired – Executive Director, Cayuga Health Association

Joined the board: 2012

“I have participated on the SRC committee for the last five years and I have come to appreciate all the good things that Unity House does. There continues to be a tremendous need for assistance for a special group in the community, and Unity House staff demonstrates their ability to provide important services. I would like to be a productive member of the board and a resource for the staff at Unity House.”

Board Treasurer
Bradley Chapman
Penn Highlands Healthcare

Joined the board: 2011

“I previously was on the audit team at TFG CPAs, who were responsible for auditing Unity House’s financial statements, and showed great appreciation for their mission. Since then, I have transitioned to Oswego Hospital where I work in the behavioral health services division. My combination of public accounting and hospital experience will enable me to help the organization fulfill its mission.”

Donna Clark
Volunteer, Freedom Recreational Services

Joined the board: 2016

“My son has received services through Unity House for the last 16 years. I decided I would like to give back by serving on the board and helping Unity House continue to grow and provide good, quality programs to the community.”

Elane Daly
Manager, East Hill Medical Center’s
School-Based Dental Program

Joined the board: 2014

“I was surprised by how many consumers Unity House impacts. This population has high needs. With my health background and knowledge, I can bring meaningful skills to the table to assist in meeting those needs.”

Patricia “Patti” Festa
District Treasurer
Auburn Enlarged City Schools

Joined the board: 2018

“I am honored to be chosen as part of the Unity House Board. I know what a integral part of the community they are, and have family and friends who receive their wonderful services. I hope that my financial background will allow me to understand all the complexities of running this amazing organization.”

Jessica Janssen
Director of Family Services
Elmcrest Children’s Center

Joined the board: 2015

“Unity House staff and consumers were like family to me while I worked there. I am excited to have the opportunity to continue contributing to the organization. The success of Unity House is important to our community.”
Joseph Manning
Operations Manager
Respiratory Services

Joined the board: 2016

“I joined Unity House’s board because Ken Knight asked me to, and because I would like to use the skills I have to be involved in and help advance the mission of an important aspect of my community.”

Christopher D. Ryan
Chief Information Officer
Auburn Community Hospital

Joined the board: 2014

“The rights of individuals often rest in the hands of others. Advancements in technology can give a voice to both clients and providers as they continue to enhance the life and rights of those within the community. It is my intention to utilize my technological experience to support and advance the services and programs provided by Unity House to the community and its members.”

Rich Slagle
Nurse Practitioner
Auburn Correctional Facility

Joined the board: 2019

“I have a strong sense of obligation to contribute in some way to the betterment of those underserved in our community. Being a medical provider gives me a unique vantage point to best serve these populations.”

Chris Sloan
Tractor Supply Co.

Joined the board: 2016

“Unity House provides vital and necessary services for the individuals it serves. These programs touch the lives of many local residents as well as the community as a whole. Serving on this board is a rewarding way for me to share my skill set and talents for an agency that I feel passionately about. This is a way to give back to a community that has given so much to me and my family.”

James Vivenzio
Coordinator of Student Computing
Syracuse University, Whitman School of Management

Joined the board: 2007

“As the parent of a special needs son, I have life experience that I bring to the Unity House board, as well as a means to give back in thanks for all the help that he has received in this community throughout the years.”