The Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer
Elizabeth Smith, MS

315.253.6227 x320
Chief Operating Officer
Darlene Podolak

315.253.6227 x316
Chief Finance Officer
Joanna Viggiano

315.253.6227 x322
Chief People Officer
Sara Bilinski, MS, PHR

315.253.6227 x342
Chief Advancement Officer
Chris Iven

315.253.6227 x360
Chief Compliance/QA Officer
Amber Amidon

315.253.6227 x334
Director of Facilities
Gary Fellows

315.253.6227 x341
Director of Marketing & Development
Kelly Buck

315.253.6227 x313
PWDD Residential Cayuga County
Renee Choiniere, Director

315.253.6227 x217
Mental Health Services/Programs
Judi Magee, Director

315.253.6227 x351
GRACE House Chemical Dependency Program
Dorothy Radcliff, Director

PWDD Residential - Tompkins County
Amy Santobianco, Director

607.272.1741 x422
PROSperity Services
Taylor Casamassima, Director

315.253.6227 x263
PWDD Day Services
Aaron Brozon, Director

315.253.6227 x438
Unity Employment Services
Amanda McManus, Director

315.253.6227 x335
Board President
Andrew K. Cuddy

Since 2010
Board Vice President
Kenneth G. Knight

Since 2012
Board Secretary
Patricia Festa

Since 2018
Board Treasurer
Bradley Chapman

Since 2011
Lorie Fischer

Since 2022
Jessica Janssen

Since 2015
Whitney Kummerow

Since 2023
Joseph Manning

Since 2016
Christopher D. Ryan

Since 2014
Rich Slagle

Since 2019
Chris Sloan

Since 2016
Christina Van Ditto

Since 2020


Board members are community leaders who dedicate their time and energy to help Unity House deliver on its mission. To learn more about joining the board, please see the position description and contact CEO Elizabeth Smith at 315.253.6227 x320.