Unity Employment Services

Supporting Employee Success
in the Competitive Marketplace

An employment opportunity is more than a paycheck. Employment provides job seekers with an opportunity to connect with the community in which they live and work. Employment supports a job seeker in developing skills, making friendships, and earning money that they in turn invest in their communities.

Unity Employment Services (UES) provides a number of services with various funding sources at no cost to the job seeker or to the employer. UES serves a diverse population of adults and youth with disabilities, including but not limited to behavioral, developmental, physical, etc.

UES takes a person-centered approach to help identify each job seeker’s strengths, interests, objectives and needs. These services include:

  • Developing a vocational plan for successful employment
  • Assisting in the development of a resume, cover letter, and references
  • Matching each job seeker’s abilities to a specific job related to their goals
  • Assist in making an e-mail account suitable for job development activities
  • Help with online applications/assessments
  • Providing interview preparation and accompanying individual to interview
  • Securing state and federal financial incentives for employers
  • Encouraging working relationships between the job seeker and the employer/co-workers
  • Being a liaison between the job seeker and employer if needed
  • Problem-solving and assisting job seekers to overcome employment barriers
  • Other on-going supports for job seekers that qualify